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About Us

ABOUT US-A Highly Skilled Tailor Maker For Telescopic Kelly Bars

Unikelly is a company dedicated to the designing and manufacturing of tailer-made Kelly Bars for piling rigs in China since 2006. We supply telescopic Kelly Bars for a torque range of 50 to 500 kNm and in length ranges from 6 to 140 m. High-grade materials and special welding process guarantee a high durability and wear resistance of our Kelly Bar, and make us outstanding in the market. We’re the only manufacturer who is proud to announce that our Kelly Bar is 2000 hours guaranteed. 

At Unikelly, our mission is to meet the needs and wants of our customers by providing the high-performance Kelly Bar and exceptional service through a team of highly motivated employees dedicated to maintaining the industry leadership as a customer focused organization. We believe a tailor-made Kelly Bar produced according to your specific measurements can guarantee you a perfect fit. Whatever your machine type is, just contact us to find a perfect solution at Unikelly. 

No Matter What Machine Type Is, You Can Find A Perfect Solution At Uinkelly.  Our Tailored-Made High Quality Kelly Bars Can Be Applied To Any Drilling Rig Available In The Market, Including But Are Not Limited To Listed As Below: